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According to the American Staffing Association, demand for outsourced IT staffing solutions is at a high point in the US at the moment, with more than 15 million people gaining employment through staffing agencies.

On top of that, 35% of those hired through staffing agencies land a permanent job—90%-day staffing agency work has made them more employable and expanded their skillset.

Staffing solutions benefit not just the employer but the employee too. With managed IT services Vermont, your company can dedicate its time to expanding to reach your goals, while our expert IT staff can take care of your technical needs.

IT Staffing Solution Case Study

What is a staffing plan? And what is a staffing company? Let’s take a look at this case study to see how IT staffing solutions work.

Over a decade ago, in 2008, a financial services Fortune 500 company teamed up with an IT staffing agency. The staffing company sourced employees with technical skills to help the company improve its digital and e-commerce capabilities.

With digital experts based at the company’s onsite offices in Charlotte and San Francisco, the company was able to expand significantly. The main benefits observed were the increased growth and cost-efficient workforce. Since partnering with the staffing agency, the company has hired 200 more employees—86 of whom became full-time IT employees.

The heads of the company, including the vice president and the digital marketing manager, dedicate their expansion and success to the staffing company’s commitment and support. With their technical division taken care of, they were able to reach their business goals and improve their delivery of financial services to consumers.

Top 7 Benefits of IT Staffing Solutions

But why is staffing important? Let’s break down some of the reasons the company in our case study grew so successful. Here are some of the top benefits of partnering with a staffing solutions firm.

Tech Support Scams

As cyber-attacks have become more prevalent, it has become common for technical support teams to send out emails whenever they notice unusual activities on a user’s account. Hackers take advantage of this by sending out spoofed emails that apparently contain emergency alerts. Users are bound to pay attention to these kinds of alerts and often end up clicking on them without paying much attention. One way of staying safe from technical support scams is to simply hover over the link or phone number that you are being directed to and check if it seems genuine. Users should also pay close attention to the address and grammatical accuracy of the message.

Cost Savings from Contracting IT Staff

Teaming up with IT staffing services can save your company money in more than one way. For a company to recruit a full-time employee, they have to spend their capital on advertisements and workforce time on shortlisting and interviewing. Plus, the additional expense of actually onboarding the candidate.

Hiring employees through IT Support Vermont allows the company to avoid these fees. They can specify the criteria for their contract employee and guarantee that the new hire will fulfill the role as needed. Plus, it can often lead to long-term savings by reducing the risk of a “bad hire.”

Increased New Hire Productivity

The recruitment process is time-consuming and, to save time, many companies settle with a candidate that isn’t right. Approaching a local staffing agency or searching for IT staffing agencies near me online is an excellent way to find specialized, thoroughly screened, and qualified candidates.

Employees hired through a staffing agency have the experience level to hit the ground running. While they may need to get to grips with the company’s policies and values, they have the specialized IT skills to work productively from the start

Reduced Hiring Risk

CareerBuilder revealed 66% of US employers had been negatively impacted by a “bad hire.” Taking on a candidate that doesn’t fulfill the position as required costs the business money and time. It may also poorly impact colleagues who might have to pick up the slack.

Contracting a new hire from an IT staffing agency allows the company to rest safe knowing that they have the technical expertise and market knowledge to put forward only suitable candidates.

Improved Financial Security

Contracting employees through an IT staffing firm requires less commitment from the company. During economic downturns, they do not have to manage an excessive workforce and lay off any employees. Instead, they can contract IT staff as and when they need to, avoiding stretching their overheads too much.

IT staffing agencies offer contracts for varying lengths of time to suit each firm’s needs. So they don’t need to worry about over-expanding their business but still have access to the much-needed specialist skills.

Increased Resource Diversity

As IT staffing firms have a wider expanse of connections, they have access to a more diverse range of candidates. They might be able to recruit contractors with various specialized skills that companies might not find elsewhere.

As contractors, they have a vast array of valuable experience by taking on many jobs over the years. This also guarantees their ability to quickly get to grips with new systems and fit in with your company’s values.

Minimize Risk and Liability

Often, companies will hire the contracted candidate full-time if they supply the valuable skills desired. While not risk-free, this reduces the liability of outright hiring an employee full-time. Think of it like a training or trial period, in which the company gets to get to know whether the new hire from the IT staffing services is a suitable fit.

Large Database of IT Candidates

IT staffing companies have access to a large pool of expert, qualified candidates for the firm to select their contractors from. With better access to specialized employees, the company is more likely to find a suitable candidate than posting the job description to a job board.

This minimizes time wasted evaluating potential candidates who do not fit the job description. By working with a staffing firm, the company can take its pick of highly qualified, expert candidates from a large, diverse pool.

Key Takeaways

IT staffing solutions can save your company valuable time, money, and effort that can be better spent elsewhere. Firms that partner with staffing agencies can dedicate their freed-up resources to expanding and growing their business.

Plus, with the expert skills candidates from staffing companies possess, firms will be in a better position to expand their digital network. In a world so reliant on technology, for companies to stay competitive, it is essential they take advantage of professional IT solutions to grow their online space and utilize the digital talent available.

Steve Loyer

With over 25 years of sales and service experience in network and network security solutions, Steve has earned technical and sales certificates from Microsoft, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Citrix, Sonicwall, Symantec, McAfee, Barracuda and American Power Conversion. Steve graduated from Vermont Technical College with a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology.

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