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Cloud Services Vermont helps you leverage the maximum benefit of the cloud framework, migrating to the cloud without a single hitch and in a cost-effective manner.

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If you must keep up with the quality of service offered by competition and etch out a niche for yourself, cloud computing is now a necessity for a sustainable future. The future of business will be built on the most efficiency you can drive out of the data you harness.

This means increasing emphasis on analytics, mobility and big data – all of which require the processing juice and storage clout of cloud. Cloud Services Vermont are built on a flexible engagement model that lets your business scale at ease whether you are hosting enterprise applications, virtual infrastructure or trying to keep up with increasing and urgent IT needs.

You can finally bid adieu to your cumbersome on-premises server.

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Reduced IT Costs


Cloud Computing Models generated


Reduced Security Threats


Reduced IT Costs


Cloud Computing Models generated

Avoid the painstaking transition
We guarantee you a smooth shift

For companies that are migrating for the first time or shifting from a hybrid cloud structure, we offer customized services where we audit your existing systems, understand your current and projected business requirements and come up with strategic roadmaps for your business objectives to migrate or re-platform.

Most common migrations involve on-premise to cloud (or, vice versa), hybrid to cloud and cloud service provider migrations. Best of all, is that we do it all, while ensuring little or zero downtimes for your business.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software and applications delivered via the cloud can be scaled easily without additional burden of infrastructure, operations and maintenance on developers as cloud vendors provide the computing power to run the applications. For new businesses, cloud offers a great platform to launch new applications. SaaS services can include anything from storage and backup capabilities, virtually unlimited web-based email and project assistance tools.


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

On-premise installation is a resource-intensive process that many companies are now reluctant or simply unable to invest in and scale sustainably at the same time. IaaS removes that burden from businesses as providers like us deliver the infrastructure required to manage SaaS tools through public cloud services like Google Compute Engine, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). All storage servers, network hardware, application firewall, load balancing etc. required for your business are provided and supervised by the IaaS providers.

Our IaaS services offer a comprehensive owned data center experience that behaves like on-site installations when it comes to privacy and security with the added advantage of speed and scale of cloud services.


Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Developers need a platform or cloud environment to build their applications and services. PaaS clouds are often integrated in IaaS and include everything from an OS to a database, web servers and program language execution. This enables scalability, easier supervision and wider distribution of your applications/ services while keeping costs down.


Function as a Service (FaaS)

FaaS further insulates developers from having to worry about or mess with the underlying stack of the platform below their code. This involves deploying minimal functional blocks of code that can be triggered by preset events without developers running ragged around virtual servers and application runtimes. Moreover, FaaS operates on a pay-per-usage model as they consume no IaaS resources until called into action by specific events.

Function as a Service

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Think cloud-first for business efficiency

The advantages of migrating your cloud to business should be obvious. But here’s a recap to refresh your perspective:


Think cloud-first for business efficiency

Whether you are just starting your business or already established, you don’t need to spend half your budget in expensive software purchases. This enabled a reduced threshold for entry into the market and testing out a new product/ service.


Flexibility and Scalability,

The greatest asset of cloud is the sheer flexibility and mobility it offers in terms of scaling your business quickly while ensuring sustainability through reduced cost of operations.



Cloud should be your tool of choice for disaster recovery and business continuity. Cloud ensures reliability by using multiple redundant sites, resource allocation across users and securing the data storage locations.


Enhanced Data Sharing

Cloud applications allow remote sharing of data access through the Internet and allow sharing of data capabilities across locations.


Enhanced Data Sharing

Think about it. You develop an application/ service without investing in the ownership of almost all the requisite infrastructure and resources. With cloud, you only pay for what you use. This allows for greater clarity into your expenses and (much reduced) total cost of ownership.

An Award-Winning Company

Tech Group is Awarded and Recognized as one the worlds Top-Rated IT Companies, by Channel Futures MSP501

Ensuring security for your business in the cloud

Despite the real-world applications and potential of cloud computing, many enterprises have been hesitant to move to the public cloud citing security concerns. Access to public cloud is a simple matter of account creation and authentication.

At Cloud Services Vermont, we understand that the underlying infrastructure of public cloud is shared between many, many customers and this necessitates heavy isolation between resources used by different tenants. For businesses that are bound by laws and obligations (that are still largely playing catch up to the virtual business environment), these presents unique compliance and security concerns. Loss of data or theft is simply not an option for them.

Why Choose Us

Thus far, logical isolation has demonstrated its effectiveness as a deterrent. In combination with sophisticated data encryption mechanisms and tools for identity and access management, isolation has been instrumental in guaranteeing the security of the public cloud. Additionally, some of the world’s largest technology conglomerates have significant investments in securing the future of cloud computing.

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