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IT Services for Government in Vermont

Our mission is to build the brightest future for Vermont.

Tech Group works closely with government agencies in Vermont to maximize resource efficiency, improve citizen experiences, and enhance both the quality and image of public services.

IT Support for Government Sector in Vermont


Tech Group provides support across the IT services field, enabling Vermont agency partners to better connect with the citizens they serve and sort out issues quickly and efficiently through customized technical solutions. We offer a whole gamut of services to both executive branch and non-executive branch partners of IT Support for Vermont Government:

  • Executive branch partners – A wide range of public bodies including Vermont agencies, boards, councils, and commissions
  • Non-executive branch partners – Higher education institutions, school districts, public libraries, the legislative branch, judicial branch, constitutional offices, counties, cities, and other government agencies and organizations dedicated to serving the State of Vermont.
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Proactive Solutions for Government IT Services

On-Demand Scaling

Tech Group can help you deploy smart solutions that help your services scale to fluctuating demands. We can help you build in the ability of your infrastructure to remain flexible and scale up seamlessly to meet demand. The best part is that it doesn’t have to cost agencies massive costs and resources to better serve their constituencies. Technology can go a long way to make a lot out of a little.


Optimized IT Budget

Government agencies often face huge IT budget constraints that effectively cripple their ability to do an immediate IT overhaul, no matter how sorely they need it. We can help you manage your IT budget with a view to long-term efficiencies that lets you upgrade your networks in a phased manner, so your network upgrades continue to support older protocols until required. We can help you modernize your infrastructure without massive outlays in terms of capital expenditure, and help you lower your overall operating costs through technical solutions like cloud computing, virtualization, and managed services.

Business Process Optimization

Technical Expertise & 24/7 Availability

With an expert IT partner at your side, you can simplify network control by consolidating services, while we consult with you every step of the way, so you can navigate and deploy solutions. You can also free up resources and divert critical human resources to tasks other than trying to fix IT issues that they do not have the skillsets to address.


Latest Cybersecurity Policies

Improving government cybersecurity is a key expertise of Tech Group. We know this is also currently an integral part of the overall mission for all state and federal agencies. Tech Group specializes in providing strategic guidance and can help agencies implement innovative cybersecurity products, services, and programs to streamline their functions and service delivery. We help state and federal agencies optimize data and leverage it for better decision-making and process efficiencies. We can help you build in strong security and resiliency to all your endpoints, the overall network, and help to defend your assets with 24/7/365 vigilant network monitoring.


Managed IT Services for

Government in Vermont

We help agencies across health and human services, critical infrastructure, public safety & justice, tax, finance, and revenue augment their services through intelligent technical solutions.


Management and monitoring of desktop computers, servers, and networks

Tech Group can help your flow of information move smoothly and securely whether your data is at rest or in transit. We ensure this through 24/7/365 computer support for your servers, desktops, routers, switches, firewalls, and wireless devices. We take care of everything from enterprise-class switches, secure wireless networks, large domains, to workgroups.


Ongoing system maintenance and updates

Tech Group’s Government Services offer world-class local onsite maintenance support right here in Vermont. Even though we are technical experts – a machine will never answer your call! We provide 24/7 first-call resolutions for highly complex, multi-product solutions.


Expertise to address network, server, operating system, and hardware issues

We resolve your software issues proactively so you never become aware of the issues in the first place! But when you do reach out for help, we guarantee XYZ % of the first-call resolution through phone or remote access. For more serious or hands-on technical issues, we can be onsite and by your side in a jiffy!


Best price on software licensing and liaising with OEM vendors

We take care of your third-party vendor management and keep to the exact same high standards of relationship management that one would expect from a brand of your caliber. We have close working relationships with most vendors in Vermont and will negotiate the best possible price for all your software licensing.


Anti-virus and spyware protection

The consequences of a malware infection can be severe for public agencies. Unlike businesses, it’s not possible for agencies to rebrand themselves after a breach and they need to be extra careful not to breach the public’s trust by exposing themselves to cyber threats. Tech Group can help you design and implement intelligent protection against espionage and a range of evolving spyware. Our solutions can also act as effective shields against tracking and monitoring apps by other governments and malicious actors.


Application deployment and hosting management

We can take care of your application deployment and hosting management. This means taking care of operation and maintenance of mission-critical systems, updating systems with supported vendor releases or, other off-the-shelf applications software upgrades. Our services cover all software and hardware that you may use for mainframes, client/server, web-based applications, and more.

Security Operations Center (SOC)-as-a-Service

If your agency is working towards creating a blueprint for implementing the harmonization and integration of its information and communications technology (ICT) efforts, we can help with our Security Operations Center (SOC)-as-a-Service. We can help you consolidate your operations into a centralized unit (say, for example, within a building or facility), that is supervised by your own on-site crew, and allows for thorough real-time monitoring as well as acting as a control center for the entire organization. This can help your agency to coordinate security operations and even deliver key services, request assistance, or assist with investigations.



As an agency dedicated to state services, it’s imperative for your organization to meet and exceed regulatory compliance and legal mandates as prescribed by the relevant state, federal, or international governments. We can help you stay abreast of set and evolving sets of regulations under FedRAMP, ITAR, IRS-10756, DoD SRG L4, FIPS 140-2, HIPAA.


Disaster Recovery and Backup

Continuity of operations (COOP) and disaster recovery planning are critical components of I&IT contingency planning federal requirements. These efforts help you clearly understand, visualize, and layout a plan of action with exact roles and responsibilities for all involved team members to continue operations under a broad range of circumstances. Contingency planning is critical to address I&IT recovery and survival during and after any disaster.

minimizing downtime

Network Planning and Security

Your network security policies must be clearly spelled out for all computer network engineers and administrators that may work in your organization. This allows them to follow clear direction even in high-stress situations and they know exactly how to enforce policies and how to lay out the basic architecture of the network security environment. We can help you with installing, upgrading, or otherwise modifying network security elements, tools, and other systems for maximum security.


An Award-Winning Company

Tech Group is Awarded and Recognized as one the worlds Top-Rated IT Companies, by Channel Futures MSP501

Technology Planning & Road Mapping

We can help you implement technology planning that acts as a strong bridge between your service, mission, and technology plan components. Your technology plan needs to be a highly strategic, yet eminently actionable roadmap to address your current inefficiencies and vulnerabilities and get you to where you want to be in a set amount of time. It should ideally account for the administration and evolution of your technology stack, and needs to necessarily go beyond the “IT systems roadmap.”

IT roadmapping

Program and Project Management

Program and project management are critical to the success of any large-scale government initiative. Great project management can help you understand the context better and accurately define government requirements, define measurable metrics for performance assessment, and manage life-cycle activities for definite project outcomes. Tech Group’s Government IT Services in Vermont services are focused on developing your functional and technical competencies for successful project completion.

Program and Project Management

Strategic IT Consulting Services

With us in charge of managing your IT and our specialized Strategic IT Consulting Services, you can spend less time figuring out IT budgets and technical capabilities and more time doing work that makes a difference to the community. We take the burden away from away and proactively keep you abreast of the most current state of your infrastructure, so you can make informed decisions. Our IT consultants can walk you through building IT-reliant business strategies that save you time and money and yet produce better results consistently.


Virtualization Services

Our Virtualization Services boasts of true certified experts in the field who can provide complete solutions including licensing, hardware, and deployment of virtual machines. Virtualization promises more efficient resource usage, more consistent performance, and significant cost savings in the long term. We cover Application Virtualization where we can virtualize your mission-critical applications so they are streamed from a server to the end user’s device. We also cover Desktop Virtualization where can implement Desktop Virtualization for your systems wherein a computer’s desktop environment is separated from the physical computer.


Cloud Computing for

Government in Vermont

Tech Group is dedicated to creating paths for responsible digital government. We can help implement scalable strategies for modernizing IT, manage cyber risk, and more.


Platform agnostic data accessibility

We offer Vermont’s most trusted cloud-computing platform for government agencies. We ensure the absolute best in privacy and security to protect national security information and Personally Identifiable Information of citizens and government employees. Maintaining that hard-earned trust in IT Services For Government in Vermont is our cornerstone.


Optimized IT Infrastructure

We know those budget constraints are often the reason for the premature stalling of many government projects. With Tech Group taking care of your budget, you can rest assured that your resource usage will be optimized to the best possible degree and you will only pay for what you actually use – no capital expenditure required!


Premium IT Support and IT Infrastructure monitoring

Tech Group’s IT Support for Government in Vermont specializes in working with government and public service clients. Our team is made up of many members who have dedicated years to introducing and transforming the public sector through digital approaches.

Benefits of our Government IT Services


Having been involved with Government IT Support in Vermont for years, we understand the potential of technology to both enable and transform state-run services.

Digital Workplace

Digital transformation in any government agency is practically impossible with inflexible service models. We can help you foster CIOs and technology champions who can increase the effectiveness of the process through managed transformation hype. At the same time, we will work tirelessly to continuously innovate solutions that optimize your government services.

We do this through empowering the government with a digital strategy that capitalizes on every opportunity to innovate more with less, and even enables entrepreneurs and common citizens to leverage public data to develop creative solutions to challenging persistent problems.

Full lifecycle solutions

Our lifecycle services provide full end-to-end management in IT Support for Government Organizations in Vermont. This includes everything from procurement to recycling of hardware and software assets and processes involved. You have the flexibility to choose from a full suite of managed services or just incorporate individual services as per your agency’s needs.


We are partnered with 100+ companies

Strategic IT Support for

Government Services in Vermont


Message from CEO

“Having been involved with Government IT Support in Vermont for years, we understand the potential of technology to both enable and transform state-run services. That is why we do our best to empower you with innovative technology solutions government agencies deserve!”

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