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Healthcare IT Services for Vermont

Is your quality of patient care suffering just because of Healthcare IT handicaps?

Tech Group’s IT services facilitate end-to-end Healthcare IT Support and management for hospitals, medical clinics, and private practices in Vermont.

IT Support for Healthcare Industry in Vermont


We personally know of many hospitals and clinics in Vermont who deliver superlative care and yet have been fined in the recent past due to faltering data security standards or, HIPAA violations. Tech Group has an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by medical facilities in getting out of the reactive mode in Healthcare IT, upgrading from legacy systems, maintaining and securing electronic health records and more.

We can help your healthcare company from major reputation and financial losses by guaranteeing 360-degree protection of your patient, health, and financial data and your network.

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Support by Healthcare IT Support specialists includes

Proactive privacy and security risk assessments

Risk mitigation initiatives

Multi-layered HIPAA-compliant cybersecurity framework

IT challenges faced by Healthcare Organizations in Vermont

Payment Processing and Invoicing

As a reputed medical facility, it is critical for you to use a HIPAA compliant payment processor to ensure security of critical financial and patient data. Further to ensuring security, you must also remain relevant and convenient for patients. Surveys show that convenience often results in dramatic improvements in on-time payments, granting you peace of mind and no need to work with debt collectors. Tech Group can help you deploy simple, automatic payment tools that send out payment reminders with built-in multiple avenues for payment – pay via online/ phone/ text.

We can help you with healthcare payment processing tools for text, IVR, online payment portals, and much more, that ensures complete convenience for your patients and thorough security of transactions.

payment processing

Healthcare Regulatory Changes

Regulatory challenges are continuing to impact healthcare companies by driving up cost and creating widespread misunderstanding and confusion among patients. Healthcare IT Project needs to address this in a strategic manner so there is no space for misunderstanding or miscommunication. This will help you avoid costly lawsuits in the long term. Tech Group’s Healthcare IT Support ensures that our healthcare clients always match and exceed relevant data security standards, HIPAA requirements, and HITECH regulations.


Privacy Regulations

Medical facilities today are faced with increasingly stringent complex regulations. To protect your organization and you patients, it’s critical for you to secure your patients’ protected health information (PHI) and to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act.

data privacy

Communication Delays

Communication challenges may seem trivial, but can lead to operational, reputational, financial, and strategic losses in the long run. Clinicians need secure smartphones equipped with the right software tools that act as a unified portal for sharing information in real time.

Communication delay

Healthcare Staffing Shortages

Predicted figures show a shortage of around 100,000 doctors by 2030 in the country. With our highly reliable and intuitively designed telehealth solutions, you can employ highly relevant technical tools such as live streaming, store-and-forward imaging, remote patient diagnostics etc. to deliver care even to patients in far off or remote areas.


IT Services for Medical Industry in Vermont


vCISO Services

Our vCISO services can help you make use of strategic insights and inputs from the top minds in Healthcare Managed IT in Vermont. Our technicians have devoted years in the field of Healthcare IT and know the ins and outs of developing comprehensive operational excellence and cybersecurity compliance frameworks. The best part is that availing of our vCISO services lets you have on demand access to critical strategic expertise.


Data Transformation & Delivery

We can help you drive data transformation & delivery in the DNA of your organization. Hundreds of hospitals and practices in Vermont have relied on us for more agile, efficient, and resilient healthcare delivery. We can help your organization achieve the same through efficient Healthcare IT Management.


IT Procurement

We can take care of end-to-end management of all your hardware, software, and mission critical IT equipment. What’s better is that we can offer you highly strategic advice with an eye to your long-term goals so you can save on unnecessary IT spends along the way. We can also ensure you get the absolute best deals in town.


Strategic HIT Consulting

Healthcare IT Consulting is simply indispensible for high-performing healthcare organizations. Tech Group’s health information technology consulting services can help you in many ways including increasing operational efficiencies, maximizing the efficiency of your care delivery process, and exceed regulatory requirements.


Platform & cloud to cloud migration

Migrating your IT platforms and services to the Healthcare Cloud Services can help your healthcare organization save on heavy capital expenditures normally reserved to replace derelict infrastructure equipment. Moreover, outsourcing services to the cloud can also help healthcare organizations save on recurring expenses for recruiting, training, and managing IT staff. With the advent of electronic health information and health information exchange, Healthcare Cloud Services also makes perfect investment sense for healthcare organizations.


Data integration & availability

The first step to proper implementation of health information integration is a thorough assessment of an organization’s present capabilities. Tech Group’s well-established protocols make it easy for healthcare organizations to bring together the disparate strands of technical and business planning and execution together – a critical element of all successful health information integration initiatives. We can help you evaluate, prepare, implement, and support a new approach to information integration without letting the process overwhelm your operations.

Benefits of working with Tech Group

Harness the power of our Healthcare IT services to design better clinical practices.


Build streamlined patient experience with ‘self-service’

Self-service technology can help patients regain a degree control of their healthcare. We can enable healthcare organizations to design and offer patients a technology experience they expect to increase overall patient satisfaction score.


Boost patient engagement

We can help you boost patient engagement through patient engagement technology that involve and empower patients to achieve better health outcomes. Needless to say, this also provides medical facilities with better clinical and business outcomes.


Enhance the quality of care

We believe quality of care to be the true metric of success for our Healthcare Managed IT processes and certified EHRs. We empower both health care providers and patients with timely, intelligently filtered, and organized information on both individuals and the facility as a whole.


Increased staff productivity

Staff productivity improvements are guaranteed through streamlined workflows and process improvement through the right technical solutions.

Technology Transformation

Most health care organizations in Vermont have already made or are in the process of making sizable investments in information technology systems. Whether you are trying to move from paper records with electronic ones, improve billing processes, or simply make more efficient use of your investment – we can help drive unprecedented value through your IT systems!

Technology Transformation

Enterprise Infrastructure

Healthcare organizations want intelligently-designed Healthcare Managed IT solutions that have a direct positive impact on patient experience and the bottom line for the organization while delivering exceptional quality of care. With Tech Group’s end-to-end enterprise management, you can take care of your operations with better enterprise resource planning, supply chain, human resource management, and revenue cycles.

We help our healthcare clients make strategic technology investments that take care of their current needs while preparing for future growth – with complete support to foster new innovations, like, remote monitoring, IoT, and artificial intelligence.


Healthcare IT Implementation

Healthcare IT system implementation is a multi-stage process. Any medical facility is aware of the level of complexity involved in configuring the system. At Tech Group, we try and take a tiered and highly strategic approach to the process to reduce the burden of implementation on operations. We start with taking stock of the care processes that IT needs to support and how best to fit the hardware and software to deliver maximum support and convenience to patients and clinicians alike.

Our team even includes practicing clinicians who can help us configure the correct match of the technology to support safe, and efficient clinical processes and workflows. We also take care to resolve potential integration issues early on to effectively minimize future patient safety risks.


An Award-Winning Company

Tech Group is Awarded and Recognized as one the worlds Top-Rated IT Companies, by Channel Futures MSP501

Focus on patient care in peace while

we take care of the technicalities


Mobile Device Management

Tech Group takes care of end-to-end device management for all your IT equipment including all mobile devices. Mobile devices are a major safety concern for most companies and we ensure absolutely foolproof secure access and data protection for all your mobile devices.


Managed Print Services

Ran out of toner in the middle of printing for an urgent presentation? That will never happen with Tech Group’s team on the lookout for your clinical operations. We manage your critical printing needs with intelligent permission-based print management IT solutions.


Multi-Location Support

If you are in North America, we have an office in a location close to you. This ensures we are always there to help you on the ground, whenever and wherever you may need it.

We are partnered with 100+ companies

Redesign clinical workflows through prime healthcare IT Support


Message from CEO

“Help your medical staff gain speed and proficiency through better technology, intelligent data processing and quicker access to critical data in medical emergencies and otherwise.”

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