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IT Services for Law Firms in Vermont

Guarantee your business productivity with 100% guaranteed uptime in IT services for law firms in Vermont.

Tech Group has over a decade’s experience in working with law firms in Vermont, and providing exceptional strategic IT guidance and support to its clients.

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End-to-End IT Support for

Law Firms in Vermont

end-to-end it support

Tech Group has the best technical experts in Vermont law firm it services. We are known for our individualized approach to legal IT services and work on delivering unique IT solutions that address your exact problems and budget.

We provide managed Legal IT Services to a range of legal practices including solo practitioners, multi-office law firms, and mid-size firms. We equip legal practices with much needed secure ways to collaborate and communicate without geographic restrictions and guaranteed 100% uptime.

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Recurring Revenue Growth


Client Effective Rate


Revenue Retention Rate

Our structured approach towards managed it services

for law firms in Vermont includes

Providing critical, reliable IT support to attorneys and legal staff

Streamlining document and practice management applications

Securely managing your proprietary systems

Efficient Managed IT Services for

Law Firms in Vermont

Minimizing Software Downtime

Having a good, cost-effective system upgrade strategy in place can help you implement better storage and discoverability of contract documents. Tech Group’s Legal IT Services can help you keep software downtime to a minimum while upgrading your entire infrastructure and work document and email management system to the latest version for improved security and management.

minimizing downtime

On-demand Infrastructure Upgrades

As your firm grows, your infrastructure needs to be scaled. We can help you implement on-demand scaling of your infrastructure to meet the needs of your growing organization. We can also ensure 100% uptime as we understand that availability is mission critical in litigation support. With Tech Group in charge, you know that when court deadlines loom, or you are in the throes of high-pressure assignments – your technology will always be ready to support you.

Moreover, we have enterprise-level agreements that guarantee 100% uptime (except for scheduled maintenance with ample warning), and a track record to prove that we can keep to our word. With Tech Group on the watch, you will never have your website or server go down through unexpected outages and we will keep your website server hardware up and running 24/7.


IT Support for Lawyers in Vermont


Network, systems, data, and cloud management

We take care of end-to-end management of network, systems, data, and cloud services. We can help you design and upgrade your network to address loopholes and help you meet and exceed security compliance parameters.


Multi-layered cyber security defenses

Our cyber security solutions are draped in multiple layers of defense capabilities. This can enable you to quarantine affected sections in the case of a breach and build in resilience into the design of the network.


Encrypted email and secure, audited file sharing

We secure your confidential emails and files with end-to-end encryption and secure file sharing. This effectively protects your valuable client data both in transit and at rest.


Regulatory and Compliance

Protection of your legal data is critical and your law firm needs to meet a host of regulations including FISMA, PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST or SOX. Tech Group can help you meet and exceed the stipulated parameters, so your valuable client data stays protected.


Data Backup and Business Recovery

Business continuity is of tremendous importance to law firm it services in the event of disasters, natural or man-made. Tech Group can empower your business with comprehensive data backup and business recovery processes to minimize the scope of human error.


Practice and Case Management

Cloud-based case management through law firm IT services puts your legal services firm on any device, anywhere. We can enable multi-user support for essential tools, such as, calendar, contact, task and billing management with unlimited document storage.

An Award-Winning Company

Tech Group is Awarded and Recognized as one the worlds Top-Rated IT Companies, by Channel Futures MSP501

Benefits of working with the Tech Group

Modernize your firm’s digital operations, enhance security, and simplify complex processes for your clients with Tech Group’s IT support for law firms.


Enhanced Security Posture

Information security has increasingly emerged as a critical business imperative for law firms of all sizes. As such, law firms need to take care to obtain documentation about the current status of its security posture. At Tech Group, we take care to keep you updated on this proactively so you have complete 360-degree visibility into the risks, threats, and current risk mitigation processes. This includes Service Organizations Controls (SOC) Type I or II report, penetration testing results etc.


Reduced Operational Costs

In-house IT support legal is often unable to remain available 24/7 and lack the necessary skillsets and technical expertise to support your diverse technology stacks. Tech Group’s Legal IT Services gives law firms uninterrupted, on-demand access to an entire team of domain-specific IT experts. All of this is available to you at a nominal flat fee that remains predictable and manageable throughout the years.


Managing Client Relations

Strong client relationships form the very foundations of any legal services business – much more so than other industries. This makes it imperative for lawyers and law firms to always strive for 100% client satisfaction. Tec Group law firm IT support can help you improve client service by integrating a client-first service focus through intelligent technical solutions. We can build this right you’re your everyday practice and even help you garner critical feedback to improve performance in the long term.


Improved Productivity

We know exactly how to implement advanced legal technology to revolutionize your operations and supercharge productivity. The resultant increase in efficiency can help you both increase profits and grow the business footprint. We can support legal IT firms of all sizes by providing a diverse range of IT services that covers everything from maintenance, support, hosting and more. With our stellar rapid response times, your business will be more streamlined and our highly experienced team of IT professionals will work 24/7/365 to address all your technology needs.

Efficient IT Roadmapping

We provide strategic IT road mapping for your law firm it support. This enables you to smoothly keep track of billable hours across different categories of clients. We also design on-premise practice management solutions for small law firms that covers everything from keeping track of hours, billing, contact management, document management, case management, AR, AP, GL and trust accounting.

IT roadmapping

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Virtualization essentially acts as a consolidation for your IT infrastructure. This makes it much simpler to centrally manage and support users’ desktops. The benefits of a Virtual desktop infrastructure over the traditional model of periodic hardware upgrades is well documented.

Strategic advantages include full utilization of the server for all processing and RAM needs for all desktops at your law firm, reduced IT costs; enhanced mobility and on-demand access to business computers and data. Tech Group’s IT support for law firms can essentially enable your partners and lawyers to virtually work from anywhere.


Law Firm IT Services that are quick, reliable, and efficient


Mobility and data accessibility on devices

With legal practices getting increasingly reliant on mobile, we can help you build highly secure mobile frameworks that remain available round-the-clock. Our MDM service ensures essential coverage across all major service providers. This enables you to easily access and remotely manage all devices and documents in your firm.


Endpoint protection on devices

A single data breach of your clients’ confidential information can result in a lawsuit for ethics violation. This is why it’s critical that while you remain available on mobile for clients, you also protect their data with complete endpoint protection for all devices. We ensure complete endpoint protections for all devices accessing your network including mobiles, tablets, and laptops.


Document and Records Management

We can take care of transferring legal records into digital systems and help you build an intuitive discovery mechanism for documents. We can build you a comprehensive and reliable law firm document management system to quickly store, organize, and retrieve every form, letter, email, pleading, and discovery material dating back years that you may need to refer at short notice.

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