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Manufacturing Organizations in the midst of a great industry-wide transformation as they prepare for Industry 4.0.

 We have the expertise to help you carve out a business edge even with the tough competition in the manufacturing industry in Vermont. Tech Group is your IT manufacturing support specialist in Vermont.

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Support Specialist in Vermont


At Tech Group, we make it our mission to provide you with the right tools and expertise for maintaining and upgrading your systems and build a smooth path of transition to smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

Our IT experts have a niche domain experience in the manufacturing sector in Vermont. Our expertise in IQMS manufacturing software enables us to bring the best of efficiency, agility, and collaboration to our customers.

Our technical consultants will work with you 24/7/365 to develop an intuitive understanding of your manufacturing processes and help you build a roadmap to upgrade your technical capabilities to take your business exactly where you want it to go.

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Support by IT Manufacturing Support Technician includes

Manage product complexities to improve responsiveness

Modernize existing manufacturing systems

Build intelligent ecosystems

IT Challenges faced by

Manufacturing Industry in Vermont


Project management support for key supply chain initiatives

Although manufacturing companies are starting to show increased interest in supply-chain management projects; they often lack the necessary support. This can include anything from strategy to network analysis, facility design and build, technology selection and implementation, and continuous process improvement initiatives.


Process control systems and applications

Process control systems and applications are not only critical in maintaining desired levels of output, but they also serve a critical function in being the first level of safety protection for the installation. We can also help you harness the power of big data to realize improvements in yield, particularly in complex manufacturing environments wherein process complexity, process variability, and capacity restraints are a given.


Integration between manufacturing systems and other business departments

Poor integration between departments can often be caused by a range of factors including poor coordination, poor integration of departments resulting in redundancy, an atmosphere of competition and conflict and lack of knowledge sharing between departments, information flow that’s not optimized across the organization, obsolete and ineffective organizational systems and more.


Monitoring and upkeeping of the mission-critical systems

The shop floor places tremendous strain on manufacturing systems. This means that your mission-critical systems need continuous monitoring and care to keep performing at peak efficiencies over the years. Internal IT teams often struggle to keep a keen eye on such detail with their workloads in managing a vast enterprise. This results in being in a constantly reactive, or break/fix model of IT wherein you are faced with continuous issues of downtimes and critical productivity/ business loss.

Core Business Applications Support

Tech Group has deep expertise in custom application development and we can help design applications for specific user groups in your organization. Custom applications can go a long way in effectively managing specific processes or initiatives within the organization. We can also help build cloud-native applications for enhanced scalability and flexibility of your business. We can help coordinate seamless migration of business processes to the cloud with the least disruption to your daily operations.


Business Process Optimization

Manufacturing companies and process facilities need to make use of optimization trends to make applications more efficient. With business process optimization services, applications can work with a lower degree of vulnerabilities, greater profitability, and more flexibility. This practice is also central to IT governance and leverages different practices for the effective optimization of specific processes.

Business Process Optimization

Governance and Risk Regulations 

Our Governance, Regulatory, and Risk (GR&R) services are designed to help our Manufacturing Industry clients understand risks and perform better risk management and mitigation. We can also help you counsel you to even take risks strategically that have the potential to create significant value. GR&R services will involve assessing your current IT policies, procedures, infrastructure, applications, and security posture. Our efforts are aimed at aligning this for better business fit in the long term.


NIST Compliance

Small manufacturers are perceived (often quite truthfully) to have weak cyber defenses. Hackers tend to exploit this for not just malware or, ransomware attacks, but can even use your infrastructure as an entry point into larger businesses and government networks in supply chain attacks. NIST compliance can go a long way to protect your business from such threats. We can help you develop a roadmap to slowly strengthen your systems and build resilience even against advanced threats, put industry best practices in place, and of course, ensure NIST compliance.


End-to-End Networking

An end-to-end software-defined networking (SDN) solution can be highly advantageous to implement seamless manufacturing operations and optimum asset utilization in your business. In this scenario, the SDN solution essentially integrates all the legacy networks, computing and storage devices, and data centers to allow for greater transparency, visibility, and seamless operations.


Transform your business with

IT Support for Manufacturing in Vermont

With our help in IT for Manufacturing, you will be able to support agile frameworks and streamline manufacturing tasks across different departments and functions.


Leverage digital technologies

We can help you become a highly agile organization that is distinguished by its skill to leverage cutting-edge digital technologies and IT Support for Manufacturing.


Provide performance-based services

Tech Group’s Manufacturing IT Services can provide performance-driven solutions for distinct levels of services in your organization.


Drive revenue

Our manufacturing clients achieve high revenue growth consistently through strategic investments in building and sustaining critical selling skills across different capabilities.

CRM Support

Our technicians have years of expertise in major CRM and ERP systems, such as Sage software, Microsoft Dynamics, Epicore, Global Shop, SalesForce, Act, and more. They can help you deploy the same with 24/7/365 responsive support in dealing with any issues or queries.

minimizing downtime

IT Staffing Augmentation

Your business performance is often linked to the quality of talent you have at your disposal. Our IT staff augmentation services can provide you access to the best and brightest tech talent and experienced technical staff in Vermont. What’s more, you can engage their services at a flexible engagement package according to your business needs and demands.


Network and Infrastructure Monitoring and Management

Network and Infrastructure Monitoring and Management services and tools from Tech Group empowers you to better monitor and manage your network, reduce outages, and improve performance. We enable timely identification of potential threats and have a track record of superfast response times in threat management and mitigation and performance issues in infrastructure and applications.


Data Backup and Business Recovery

Proactively mitigate your IT vulnerabilities with business continuity strategies and data backup solutions. Our data backup and recovery services guarantee business continuity and restoration of normal services in a limited timeframe after any unplanned outage scenario or disaster. Your data is stored securely in our data centers and remains available to you on-demand, whenever required.

data privacy

MRP/ERP Systems

Tech Group knows the immense significance of MRP/ERP systems in the manufacturing business. Our technical experts are local Vermont experts with decades of experience in working with all the leading industry-standard packages, as well as deep hands-on expertise in implementing and maintaining system uptime.


An Award-Winning Company

Tech Group is Awarded and Recognized as one the worlds Top-Rated IT Companies, by Channel Futures MSP501

Manufacturing IT Services to increase your production capabilities and efficiencies

We offer plug-and-play technical solutions to longstanding business problems to improve efficiency, add value, and lower costs.


Make smart manufacturing decisions

Smart Manufacturing involves intense collaboration among engineering, operations, and business management. Tech Group can help you converge diverse perspectives to achieve true business transformation.


Modernize existing manufacturing systems

We can handhold you through the process of modernizing your IT systems, to improve upon existing functionality, and build a more efficient and simplified workflow.


Streamline manufacturing tasks

We can help you streamline and automate your sales processes. We enable an in-depth understanding of customer profiles for salespeople that ultimately results in shorter sales cycles, higher close rates, and better customer retention scores.

CIO Level Strategic Assistance by IT

Manufacturing Support Specialist in Vermont


Tech Group’s IT Support for Manufacturing Industry services can fully capitalize on the role of a chief information officer for your manufacturing firm. Our deep domain and industry expertise helps us understand the needs and pain points of manufacturing companies in Vermont better than anyone else.

We can help you build your IT strategy from scratch to realize your business vision. We have over two decades of experience in handholding manufacturing firms in different growth cycles through efficient IT processes.

We can help you make the absolute best use of your investments in technology through industry-leading and enterprise-level services and solutions for small and medium businesses.

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Increased Productivity with IT Manufacturing Support Technicians

Tech Group helps manufacturers analyze and manage product complexities better for standard or custom specifications. This enables you to be nimbler and respond better and more efficiently to user needs.


Build smarter supply chains

We can help you foster supply chain innovation to support the entire ecosystem through IT Services for Manufacturing Companies.


Build intelligent ecosystems

Building the Intelligent Enterprise is not a task for the future, but one for the present. We can help you get started on building smart manufacturing eco-systems today.


Focus on product quality

We provide Manufacturing IT Solutions with a laser focus on quality control through testing products, auditing suppliers, inspecting shipments, and taking corrective measures, if required.

Cloud-based Computing Infrastructures

for Manufacturing Industry in Vermont

Manufacturing Industry in Vermont

Running your own data centers is simply impractical for manufacturing firms, not only because they can prove to be a huge financial strain in the long term but also because of the endless list of business and technical issues that can confound them.

Cloud computing can be immensely beneficial for manufacturing because it allows easy scalability, cost savings, streamlined operations, and massive scope of growth, but only if implemented correctly – through a ‘pay-as-you-go’ model of an expert managed cloud services provider.

Tech Group’s solutions for cloud-based computing for manufacturing makes use of simultaneous integration of multiple data streams from business partners, platforms and devices, that streamlines the process of working with numerous supply chain partners.

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Benefits of working with the Tech Group

Spend less time managing your technology and devote more time to developing your core business with Tech Group’s modern B2B integration platforms that offer plug-and-play functionality.


Build streamlined patient experience with ‘self-service’

Self-service technology can help patients regain a degree control of their healthcare. We can enable healthcare organizations to design and offer patients a technology experience they expect to increase overall patient satisfaction score.


Boost patient engagement

We can help you boost patient engagement through patient engagement technology that involve and empower patients to achieve better health outcomes. Needless to say, this also provides medical facilities with better clinical and business outcomes.


Enhance the quality of care

We believe quality of care to be the true metric of success for our Healthcare Managed IT processes and certified EHRs. We empower both health care providers and patients with timely, intelligently filtered, and organized information on both individuals and the facility as a whole.


Increased staff productivity

Staff productivity improvements are guaranteed through streamlined workflows and process improvement through the right technical solutions.

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Manufacturing Companies in Vermont


Message from CEO

“We bring our extensive experience to increase your production capabilities and efficiencies, help you manage IT overhead costs, and protect your business with industry-leading response times in resolving issues and cyber threats.”

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