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IT Services for Non-Profits in Vermont

We understand that your mission is dependent on the wholehearted support of a network of volunteers and donors in Vermont and around the globe.

Tech Group’s IT Services for Non-Profits provide comprehensive 24/7/365 support at predictable rates, so you can plan ahead, and eliminate unforeseen expenditures.

IT Support for Non-Profits in Vermont


Tech Group has over a decade of experience in serving the unique needs of non-profit organizations. We understand how to make tight budgets work with a smile and deliver technical competencies that last for years.

We have helped numerous non-profits in Vermont to overhaul their infrastructure, modernize workflows, facilitate better communication, and optimize IT spends to drive the most value.

We can help to keep your infrastructure running at peak performance without you having to shell out enormous amounts for capital expenses.

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IT Challenges for Non-Profits in Vermont 

We deliver exceptional IT services at remarkably reasonable costs, so you have one less thing to worry about. With Tech Group, your IT is taken care of and you can focus on moving the mission forward.


The tension between balancing costs and achieving the mission

We know exactly how committed your organization is to your mission. You want to direct your last ounce of energy and your last penny towards realizing your goals, but your IT costs keep sneaking up on you. Not for Profit Organizations IT Support can help you optimize your IT costs with strategic long and short-term goals that are aligned entirely with your organization’s vision.


The need to remain top of mind and easily accessible to donors, volunteers, and influencers

The urgency of your mission needs to remain relevant to your extended network of donors, volunteers, and influencers. In this day and age, people have too much demand on their attention spans and it’s only normal for people to get distracted. We can help you devise long-term technical solutions that let you stay connected to a global network of supporters and reiterate the urgency of your mission through multimedia and interactive experiences.


The challenge of producing high-quality experiences for donors and your community

Crafting high-quality experiences is not just a matter of creativity and ideation. You need the technical tools available at your fingertips for better content creation, sharing, and coordination. Let us help you with the right set of technical tools and expertise.


Managing a diverse group of staff and volunteers during high-stress events

Your volunteers may be exceptionally committed, but commitment isn’t enough to manage high-stress environments. We can help to take a degree of stress away from the situation by supplying you with the right technical setup for easier coordination and management of efforts across diverse geographical locations.

Single-point management for all

IT Infrastructure requirements

Help Desk Managed IT

Through our Help Desk Managed IT service desk, we opt for a holistic approach to end-user needs. We take the time to minutely understand everything that’s going on in your IT environment. Service desks are capable of handling additions, moves, and changes – ensuring the smooth functioning of your processes. Having worked with non-profits closely over the years, we have an intuitive understanding of the unique challenges and have devised proven solutions for specific technology pain points in the domain.


Cloud Solutions

Our Managed Cloud Solutions can recommend custom solutions to address your specific business challenges. We can help you make the best out of your cloud investments. From migrating an existing system, leveraging additional bandwidth, to delivering strategic technical inputs in handling an upcoming project, our experienced cloud technicians are ready to extend a hand whenever you may need it. Leverage our comprehensive cloud-managed solutions to manage your environment, and improve productivity and efficiency.



With networks growing increasingly complex, Tech Group has the right expertise to manage your communication needs and vendors. We will provide you with the right technical tools to ensure seamless connectivity and collaboration across disparate locations and time zones. With us in charge of your IT Support for Nonprofits communications, your communication tools will never hinder the success of your projects.


Core Business Apps Support

Tech Group can help you with custom application development by designing applications for specific users. These applications can be a highly effective tool to handle specific processes or initiatives within your organization. We can also help you move your applications to the cloud for enhanced scalability and flexibility. In a similar vein, we also offer cloud-native app development and cloud migration services.


Strategic Consulting

Tech Group’s IT Consulting Services are painstakingly crafted to fit exactly into your way of operations and the organization’s long-term strategy. Most people assume that not running a business equates to not having business problems for non-profits. We know that non-profits just as critical challenges in both operations and technology. It’s our job to consult with you and provide you with the most cost and resource-effective solution to the problem at hand. Tech Group offers personalized technology planning that addresses the unique IT challenges of non-profits in Vermont.

IT roadmapping

Business Process Optimization 

Tech Group’s Business Process Optimization (BPO) services can help you to take a hard look at the core efficiencies of your business processes. Assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of your core business processes can help you to implement best practices wherever necessary, address vulnerabilities and mitigate risks with clearly defined controls across the operations. Our IT For Nonprofits BPO Services can be further categorized into Formalization and Standardization, Process Improvement, and Process Reengineering.

Business Process Optimization

Customized IT Road-mapping

Tech Group’s customized IT Road-mapping process largely takes place on-site. Our team will work for hand in hand with you to identify opportunities and solutions for your organization. Our road-mapping experts in IT will come up with highly detailed plans and timelines on achieving specific infrastructure milestones for your organization. As part of our IT Support for Vermont Nonprofit Organizations, we will also discuss any additional services or training if required.


Data Management, Security, and Protection

Tech Group’s IT Support for Non-Profits can help you secure your non-profit operations from malicious actors. We offer end-to-end Data Management, Security, and Protection services that protect your organization round the clock, build in resilience, and mitigate the impact of threats. We can help you to upgrade your overall security posture with faster detection, responses, and reporting and analysis of potential threats and malicious activities. We offer full-suite services in attack prevention, 24/7 monitoring and management, incident response and analysis services, and more.


Security and Compliance

When you first bring us on board, we take the time to thoroughly analyze your current status of operations for regulatory compliance and information security. Based on this, we make recommendations and work on developing unique solutions to keep your data secure and compliant with all relevant regulations. With Tech Group, you will have exclusive access to a team of highly trained security experts to assist you with 24×7 monitoring, detection, response, and ongoing risk management. Our approach to security has been lauded for a high degree of proactivity and innovation in improving the security posture of Vermont clients.


Business Process Optimization

Tech Group’s Business Process Optimization (BPO) services can help you to take a hard look at the core efficiencies of your business processes. Assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of your core business processes can help you to implement best practices wherever necessary, address vulnerabilities and mitigate risks with clearly defined controls across the operations. Our IT For Nonprofits BPO Services can be further categorized into Formalization and Standardization, Process Improvement, and Process Reengineering.

Program and Project Management

Governance, Regulatory, and Risk Services

Governance, Regulatory, and Risk (GR&R) services are targeted to help our clients better understand risks that threaten value, and even risks that can propel the growth of your organization and create value. This involves assessing your IT policies, procedures, infrastructure, applications, and security posture for long and short-term alignment with your objectives.


An Award-Winning Company

Tech Group is Awarded and Recognized as one the worlds Top-Rated IT Companies, by Channel Futures MSP501

Benefits of working with the Tech Group

Quick-to-value bundled IT solutions that utilize cross-channel technologies and are custom-built for Vermont non-profits – that’s Tech Group’s Non-Profit IT Services in a nutshell.


Lower your IT costs

We make use of multiple IT cost management ratios and other IT support metrics to optimize your IT spends. We proactively highlight opportunities to reduce or, manage IT costs better, optimize expenses, and improve the peak efficiencies of your core processes.


Reduce capital expenses

We can help you reduce or even completely avoid wasteful capital expenditure. With Tech Group’s IT Support for Nonprofit Organizations, you can opt for a flexible, pay-as-you-go model while still reaping the benefits of our industry-leading technical tools and niche strategic domain expertise.


Increase your staff and volunteer productivity

Your employees may be talented and skilled but may lack the right tool to turn that into concrete results. We will provide you with the tools they need to improve their efficiency. With the right technology applied strategically, you can make their work easier and streamlined – resulting in better productivity.


Increase your application availability

Operating your business efficiently or effectively requires maximum application availability. This is nearly impossible to achieve with self-hosting and managing infrastructure in-house. We can help you get more efficient and cost-effective by using containers to increase code portability and consistency across platforms. You also don’t need to pay up-front for software licensing & management.

We are partnered with 100+ companies

You focus on the mission. We will take care of keeping the technology at your service always!


Message from CEO

“Whether you are looking for specific services, such as virtualization, servers, and security, or have a fairly widespread framework of complex networking, connectivity, and device management – Tech Group has the right technical solutions for all your needs.”

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