IT Support for Finance in Vermont

As a Financial Service organization, you know just how much you rely on technology to conduct your business.

Tech Group can accelerate the digital transformation of banks, credit unions, and wealth management firms with advanced innovative solutions.

IT Services for Finance in Vermont


Tech Group specializes in servicing the unique technological needs and specific challenges of financial services organizations in Vermont.

We have a proven track record of delivering stellar performance for banks and financial firms. We have a laser focus on improving your bank’s security posture with improved network security and your company’s overall infrastructure to meet our own rigorous security standards.

We can help you realize the full potential of your technology stack with a solid infrastructure solution that meets your unique business needs.

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IT Challenges faced by Finance

and Accounting Industry in Vermont


Staying up-to-date with current technology

Many banks in Vermont have continued to use outdated technology fearing lost time and budgetary concerns. But this can prove disastrous in the long run, as obsolete tools result in losses in productivity, time loss, as well as ever-increasing maintenance costs. With Tech Group, we can ensure that your infrastructure receives timely improvements so your business can stay productive and competitive. The best part is that we can help you implement the necessary upgrades without affecting daily business operations.


Remaining Cost-Effective

We can help your business remain viable in the long term through cost control measures. We can take care of your asset management process and long-term planning so you never have to overspend for infrastructure needs. We will help you draw up a long-term plan for infrastructure development with an eye to business growth, so you can keep track of feasible objectives and your priorities on a quarterly basis.


Maintaining Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

Tech Group offers Advanced Threat Defense and Intrusion Detection Systems with our 24/7/365 support that helps you, monitor, prepare for, quarantine threats, and address vulnerabilities in real-time. This is the kind of security that can never be assured with even the most dedicated in-house staff. With guaranteed zero disruptions due to breaches, you are guaranteed no disruptions to your workflow, and productivity is not hampered.


Comprehensive data backup in a secure, encrypted data center

The consequences of data loss in the event of a breach can often be catastrophic to financial services organizations. Tech Group’s Financial Cloud Services can help you design and manage scalable solutions for your network and devices. We know breaches and disasters don’t stick to a schedule and thus prepare your business infrastructure to have the resilience to weather attacks and continue uninterrupted services through our secure backup and business continuity solutions.

24/7 IT Support 

Tech Group is Vermont’s leading IT services company offering full-stack technology services for all sizes and types of financial service businesses 24/7. We can help you out with proactive technology planning and design and deployment systems to safeguard your critical data. We provide domain-specific IT consulting for financial organizations to set up and maintain world-class infrastructure, ensure secure cloud computing services, offer secure, yet easily accessible storage and virtual server space, and of course ensure 24/7/365 peak efficiency for all your running systems.


IT Strategy Planning & Implementation

Tech Group’s Financial IT Consulting can help you build your information technology capability to the maximum potential in order to drive sustainable value over years. Our IT strategy is developed in close conjunction with your business leaders and more hands-on staff. In the process, we document specific steps, deliverables, tasks, and responsibilities of the people involved, and a timeline for achieving your business objectives and create shareholder value.


Disaster Recovery

Our Disaster Recovery solutions were created with nearly decades of expertise and observation of disaster responses in the financial field. Tech Group’s IT Support for Accounts prepares your business for any unforeseen event through secure backups, redundancies, and other continuity strategies. We ensure that your data remains secure, yet easily accessible. We design and deploy a recovery strategy that’s specifically customized for your business. And we take care to maintain and exceed industry best practices that are reviewed and updated for relevance, quality, and reliability.

minimizing downtime

Compliance & Regulations (FCA Compliance)

Competition and growth in financial services are largely fostered by consumer trust. Tech Group is eminently placed to serve your organization’s needs for expertise in passing an FFIEC audit. We can help you meet and exceed compliance and e-discovery requirements, by improving your capture and monitoring capabilities, and even implementing trade surveillance technology if there is a need for it.


Cloud Platform Security

Every financial institution must implement effective risk management for safe cloud computing. This means adhering to frameworks, such as Cloud Security Alliance Cloud Controls Matrix (CSA CCM), SOC 2, and CIS Benchmarks for cloud governance of financial services. Tech Group can also help you ensure that new cloud tools are built to address security challenges and can help financial service organizations evolve to meet a growing range of business needs.


Mobile Device Management

With clients and employees increasingly using mobile devices for work, you need to secure confidential customer and corporate financial information on mobile devices. Financial IT Project Mobile device management (MDM) can help you manage and secure diverse mobile devices to follow your stated corporate policies. MDM takes care of everything from ensuring the security of devices and data, device management, software, configurations and services, and device functionality control.

end-to-end it support

Data Backup and Security

The consequences of data loss in the event of a breach can often be catastrophic to financial services organizations. Tech Group’s Financial Cloud Services can help you design and manage scalable solutions for your network and devices. We know breaches and disasters don’t stick to a schedule and thus prepare your business infrastructure to have the resilience to weather attacks and continue uninterrupted services through our secure backup and business continuity solutions.


Procurement of IT equipment 

Our Financial IT Support can help you evaluate, select, and implement the tools required for an automated workflow process for the purchase requisition, purchase order, and invoice/payments processes.  We can also help you manage strategic contracts for purchases of equipment, goods, and services that can potentially save you thousands of dollars with us managing the process end-to-end. We can help you build, deploy, and maintain high-quality, reliable, and secure supply chain systems, telecommunication equipment, hardware, and software.


Network Security

Financial service organizations are among the most high-value targets for hackers. Protecting you and your customers’ financial information means building and maintaining an absolutely impenetrable network with a group of domain-specific expert technicians on hand. Out IT Services for Accounting Firms can keep your important data secure, yet always accessible, keep mission-critical data and applications secure with firewalls and monitoring, and help you improve your business performance with network management, security, and other intelligently designed solutions.

Program and Project Management

An Award-Winning Company

Tech Group is Awarded and Recognized as one the worlds Top-Rated IT Companies, by Channel Futures MSP501

Benefits of IT Services for

Finance in Vermont

To ensure your continuing business success, Tech Group’s infrastructure solutions are designed with full compliance and security in mind that means you never have to run afoul of regulations.


Enhance your business growth

Tech Group’s sprawling technical solutions can support your company through each stage of growth. We can help your systems scale to demand and avoid downtime and power outages. We can build in protection at every layer of your network so you are not exposed to threats or vulnerabilities when racing with time to fulfill demands.


Protecting confidential and private client data

We provide our Financial Managed IT clients with access to a data center solution, that can scale up or down as per the needs of your enterprise. This also ensures that your data remains completely secure and accessible on-demand, thanks to dynamic computing infrastructure.


Sharing confidential information between your office and clients

We know that the long-term success of your financial service firm is dependent on maintaining the delicate balance of confidential customer information and privacy. We can help you capitalize on emerging growth opportunities through Financial IT Management by ensuring the complete security and privacy of confidential customer data.


Repel viruses, malware, and phishing attacks

Our Financial Cybersecurity maintains multiple lines of defense for your organization. We ensure your security both at the front lines, as well as managing your vulnerabilities, distributing risk, and improving your security posture through organization-wide cyber risk management. Our team of years of venerable security experts has decades of industry experience and the ability to professionally maintain your IT infrastructure for years on end.

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Financial IT infrastructure that is quick, reliable, productive, and efficient


Message from CEO

“Our Financial Managed IT services in Vermont are well renowned for the highest quality computer maintenance and repair, but that is only the tip of the iceberg of our full suite of IT services.”

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