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At IT Support Vermont, we understand that it can be a mammoth task to conduct in-house IT requirements to ensure efficiency, fast response times, compliance and security. That’s where we come to your rescue.

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Our structured approach to IT Support includes

Defining the scope of the project

Determining the necessary hardware/ software purchases and equipment installation

Crafting a comprehensive IT plan and budget for each customer project

Making contact your firewall and server to enable diagnostic and repair

We focus on your IT so you can focus on what you do best.

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“Tech Group is dedicated to setting new and higher standards of community and customer service, motivated by pride in our work and a hands-on friendly approach. We are guided by the precepts of customer service, professionalism, planning, and proficiency.”

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Prolific IT Support for complicated problems

We don’t look at IT Support as a simple support service. We encourage most of our business partners to outsource their IT requirements. Here is why you should be thinking of it as well:

Organize company manpower

Outsourcing your IT necessities allows you to free up valuable manpower who can focus on more intensive, skill-based tasks as the regular service, maintenance and grunt work is taken care of.

Leverage the technical expertise

When you outsource, you are guaranteed service from a team of experts with decades of experience in providing emergency assistance in the exact domains you are active in. Simply compare the convenience and peace of mind offered by this instant service to finding the right talent, bringing them up to speed in your business/ active domains and then possibly finding the workload too much to manage.

24/7 Monitoring

We understand what downtime can mean for your business. With our state of the art tools and monitoring capabilities we are able to head off issues before they happen. We enable remote access on your desktops and laptops and can work on diagnostics, repair, and scheduled updates of antivirus definitions, operating system upgrades, and application patches while you focus on the business.

Why Choose Us

Delivering exceptional local experience

With experts from IT Support Vermont at your back, you will be able to design, execute and deliver results for your customers in faster than guaranteed timeframes while ensuring the maximum efficiency of your own time, money, and resources. We can take care of your specific project needs end-to-end by:

Security solutions that shield you

You worry about business while we ensure your virtual doors are safer than a Swiss bank vault. Our security services don’t just cover complete antivirus and malware protection but also take care of managing your security policies, access control and fixing security patches wherever we spot a vulnerability in your network.

Our network security services monitor, troubleshoot, fix issues and help you keep your systems in ship shape year after year. Most importantly, we keep your in-house technical teams always up-to-date with every miniscule security change/ development so you are always ready to make informed choices and deploy advanced security measures in case of an incident.

When we say cutting-edge, we mean it

We design intelligent IT systems that minimize human intervention and fixes problems automatically. The moment our monitoring systems detect an anomaly/ problem, they launch a series of self-healing scripts – commands designed to fix the problem. These scripts can solve issues in a fraction of the time that it would normally take for a live technician to run diagnostics. If the problem is not fixed/ recurs, the system automatically escalates it to our certified and experienced engineers for immediately troubleshooting

We offer specific server security services that include round the clock scanning, backup and security for your servers. In case your business has unique security requirements, we can also perform a comprehensive security audit to understand the current state of your hardware, cloud, physical security, policies and more and can offer guidance on the right path to guarantee security as you scale your business.

An Award-Winning IT Support Company in Vermont

Tech Group is Awared & Recognized as a top-rated IT Consulting Company in USA for 2020 by MSP Awards

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