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AI enabled Data Center Transformation in Vermont

By February 13, 2021September 13th, 2021No Comments
AI Enabled Data Centers

To utilize data to its maximum potential, businesses are creating data-driven models that make data an asset to the business operation. To run and maintain the data, there arises a need for skilled professionals which can be expensive for the organization. Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled data center transformation is changing the wave for good. According to Gartner analyst Dave Cappuccio, 80% of enterprises will have shut down their traditional data centers by 2025, compared to just 10% today. 

The solutions to these problems are right in front of us. Let’s go through them one by one.

AI’s revolution in 2021

AI in data center operations can be tremendously helpful in unexpected ways to the data center world. Let’s look at which areas data center AI can and will bring a revolution in 2021.

Power Management

Heating and cooling systems can be easily optimized by AI-based power management. This can further cut electricity consumption, reduce headcount, and accelerate efficiency. In short, it’s a hardware/software combination of microprocessors, and artificial intelligence (AI) software.

It provides AI-based tools to monitor the power consumption of a device. Moreover, it also predicts that when the device is not going to be used and therefore, powers it down accordingly.

It has the potential to cut electric waste, bring lower energy costs, and at the same time, facilitate and spike the use of clean renewable energy sources in power grids worldwide. Not only this, but Artificial intelligence (AI) can also improve the planning, operation, and control of power systems.

An upcoming solution, AI-managed smart grids are electric grids that allow two-way communication between utilities and consumers. They are embedded with an information layer that allows communication between their components so that they can better respond to quick changes in energy demand or urgent situations.

Equipment Management

By accepting AI-based infrastructure, IT support can benefit tremendously. The capacity of AI to work without human intervention makes it an ideal technology to increase the quality of services for infrastructure management.

The use of artificial intelligence in inventory is yielding hefty for the companies using it. Whether it’s about predicting the complex interactions between each unit better or automating work processes for components, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can play a huge role.

To monitor the health of servers, storage, and networking gear, Artificial Intelligence can help. Not just this, it can also play a major role in checking to see that systems remain properly configured.

Humans’ inability to recognize the issues at an early stage is one of the main factors behind the machine crash. It’s also quite important to know when any equipment is going to fail and AI helps with that too.

Data Center Security

Workload Management

In the last decade, the rate of digital transformation has notably increased as companies invest in technology to preserve their competitive advantage and prevent disruptive newcomers from eroding their market share. Traditional workload management needs advancement and AI can enhance it well. 

It is a method that integrates machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to operate IT systems in order to allow efficient use of computing resources. AI as a part of workload management can automate the movements of workload in real-time. It can play this role in a hybrid-cloud environment, between on-premises, cloud, and edge environments.

According to Gartner, 69% of managers’ workload will be automated by 2024. “The role of the manager will see a complete overhaul in the next four years,” said Helen Poitevin, research vice-president at Gartner. This itself tells a lot about the future of Artificial Intelligence in workload management.

Data Center Security

Artificial Intelligence tools have the power to ‘learn’. So, these tools can learn the usual network traffic patterns and this makes them smart enough to spot anything abnormal around the network. It can also know which threats to prioritize and send notifications for. Moreover, even when an accident has taken place, it can guide you through the post-accident analysis i.e., what went wrong, provide recommendations for plugging holes in enterprise security defenses.

Fact check: According to Stockholm-based research firm Memoori, AI analytics will become a standard feature of video surveillance solutions over the next decade.

AI for data center security is moving towards a world of self-healing that requires minimal human intervention to run at a high level of efficiency. The vision here is to have highly automated data security and at the same time secure enough to eliminate potential threats.

Need to be aware of security (employees' security hygiene)

When you invest so much of your time and efforts in data security for remote workers, it is also essential to educate your employees regarding the same. Your employee can be tricked to commit a mistake that can get your important information stolen in spite of the infrastructure security. To keep your network safe lies in the hands of your employees because a single click on a malicious link can lead to a data breach. 

This is why it’s crucial for your employees to be aware of these scams, frauds to always be conscious and not be a victim of them. Apart from just a security policy, keep reminding them of the dos and don’ts around cybersecurity. Ping them often to remind logging out before they shut down work, and also ensure that they keep their systems up to date and patch-free.

Server Optimization

Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides innovative ways to help organizations get the most out of one of their most costly investments: data centers. They have to maintain physical servers and storage equipment. So, AI can be used to optimize server storage systems, support predictive analytics to find possible fault points, improve processing times, and reduce risk factors.

Machine learning and deep learning techniques to improve output can be fed into everything that produces data. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), loads of data centers can become more predictable and manageable more quickly through AI-based server optimization in Vermont, Redding, California, and many more cities.

Predictive analysis based on AI will assist data centers to spread workloads through servers. The new load balancing software with built-in AI capabilities is able to learn more effectively from past data and perform load distribution. Companies will be able to better track server performance, disc usage, and network congestion with AI-based monitoring.

Tapping onto the AI-enabled digital transformation

Noticing the digital transformation in Vermont, humans, based on certain simple rules and policies and different tradeoffs, fine-tune the scheduling algorithms. Employees at organizations also code the algorithm to get tasks done quickly and efficiently or to split resources equally between jobs.

However, workloads are never constant in size which is why it is impossible for employees to optimize their scheduling algorithms for specific tasks. Hence, they fall short of their true potential. Here is where AI can slide into the picture and enable data centers the same workload at higher speeds, using fewer resources.

For more guidance, TGVT can show you a vision with the latest technology on board. Moreover, we can enable real impact on your business by creating value that lasts.

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