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7 Cloud Predictions for the Near Future

By January 23, 2021January 25th, 2021No Comments
Cloud Predictions 2021

Organizations are continuing to learn and adapt to specific business needs due to the Covid-19 pandemic but there are certain technologies that changed drastically. Before the pandemic, 88% of organizations used the cloud in one form or another which was expected to increase in 2020 but with the unexpected situation faced by the world, the graph curve of usage of the cloud went up like never before.

The pandemic made organizations reconfigure their operations, and also cut costs to survive during the time of economic fallout. But accepting that radical change is a new reality now and it’s too good to give up. It has brought a glaring reality to non-cloud organizations that cloud is a necessity in the modern IT landscape and not a mere option. With an ongoing cloud revolution, there is another major one to follow.

Let’s go through the expected cloud predictions for 2021 and beyond.

1. The next phase of cloud computing is about the benefits of transformation (not just cost)

There have been cloud revolutions in the past when organizations dived into adopting the cloud. The first of them was when application services took over the market and organizations moved to the cloud as it gave them the tools to develop quicker and more securely than ever i.e. CRM. Moving forward, a bunch of companies either gave up on their data centers or integrated cloud as a part of their infrastructure to save themselves from the maintenance and the cost.

This year of 2021 will be more than just about the cost-saving benefits of the cloud. The cloud models are predicted to include governed data architecture, increased usage of analytics and artificial intelligence throughout the process. The predicted benefits of entirely transforming your business are an ingrained data analytics and AI/ML into the workflows, bringing a revolution much needed in every industry.

Cloud Compliance

2. Compliance can’t just be an add-on item

Majority of the cloud transformation that will happen will be not out of choice but necessity. As we are entering the prime age of technology, there are a few necessities that come with it i.e., privacy and security. Organizations have an increased focus on their data security, privacy, and data sovereignty which makes compliance and governance a necessity.

The cloud of today should be able to hold out against the perusal around data sovereignty because, at this moment, every organization has an ample amount of data that they can’t afford to lose or be leaked. It is the whole idea of TGVT (Cloud Services Vermont company) when transforming businesses to the cloud- to maintain a foundation of privacy and security.

3. Open infrastructure will reign supreme

If you have a business, would you want your data to be locked into a third-party provider?

No, right?

Not a single business would appreciate it and that is why open infrastructure and open APIs are the near future. A paradigm shift is to be seen when multi-cloud and on-premise data sources will come together rapidly. And, the majority of organizations will begin to adopt multi-cloud or hybrid cloud strategy very soon to cherish the freedom of choosing the cloud path that works for them.

The right set of tools and resources will enhance them to gain benefits from each cloud. This also makes organizations transport to stronger data assets and data analytics.

4. Harnessing the power of AI/ML will no longer require a degree in data science

It’s high time for businesses to speed up their data operations and the time is not far when the whole team will have access to data science expertise. With capabilities like ML modeling and AI, a team member can experience a whole new life at work which will also influence their decision-making process.

By adapting to the power of analytics, businesses will gather, analyze, and act on data at a speed higher than ever especially quicker compared to the traditional data science model. This transformation will increase the employee’s productivity and also free up your existing team of data scientists.

5. More and more of the world’s enterprise data will need to be processed in real-time

 What 2020 has taught us is that reactions to certain problems have to be instant and quick. This introduces the need for immediate information, especially when it comes to identifying and stopping a network security breach in real-time with a real-time reaction.

The advantage of real-time reacting is that it saves an immense amount of time and costs spent on mitigation. These are the same methods used by us at TGVT to help our customers overcome threats and attacks. Unlike traditional methods, with predictive models and AI/ML tools, organizations can run simulations based on real-life information.


6. Public clouds will grow even more dominant

The public cloud took the center stage in the recovery from the pandemic. As stated by IDC, enterprise cloud spending, both public and private, increased 34.4% from the previous year. The aggressive shift to the cloud will spike in the coming future and yield greater enterprise adoption, cloud provider revenue, and business value.

Cloud platforms like TGVT will continue to crawl to dominate the cloud market as since the pandemic, the experience of no maintenance and update costs, pay-as-you-use pricing, and no IT capital investments is worth keeping.

7. Enterprises will mitigate cloud lock-in through hybrid and multi-cloud strategies

The dominance of the public cloud has led to altering the priorities of traditional enterprise computing companies. As more and more data is occupied by organizations, it is becoming more uneasy to depend on top-notch providers. As any organization wouldn’t want their data to be locked in with external service providers, organizations are propelled to set their focus on hybrid and multi-cloud strategies. 

Moving forward in time, organizations will start relying more upon hybrid cloud and multi-cloud solutions. Especially after the pandemic, a bunch of organizations have already shifted and wouldn’t want to give that up for increased data security.

How are you moving forward with your business?

The COVID-19 pandemic heightened the need for technological transformation and showed us how quickly we can adapt to change and stay with it for good. And in the future, to be able to respond to real-time problems, TGVT is composed to construct a cloud computing world you can live in. We not just help your business users get unpaused data, but also make them familiar with the entire data lifecycle.

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