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Top Tips and Tricks To Reduce Your IT Costs With MSPs

By November 23, 2020September 14th, 2021No Comments

Reduce IT Costs with MspsLet’s start with some facts. According to ITIC’s Hourly Cost of Downtime Survey conducted in 2020, “Four in 10 enterprise organizations – 40% – indicate that a single hour of downtime can now cost their firms from $1 million to over $5 million – exclusive of any legal fees, fines or penalties.

Needless to say, the longer the downtime, the more your business hemorrhages money from all sides – lost productivity, lost energy in resolving the issues that could otherwise make you money, lost business opportunities/ customer revenue, lost time and resources.

Moreover, the IT cost reduction that your business gets from employing a Managed IT service provider will also enable higher ROI.

Do MSPs really save you money?

The good news is that Managed IT service providers use IT cost-saving strategies that can help you save that money. Although cost efficiency is one of the primary reasons why businesses subscribe to MSP plans, they often tend to think of cost-efficiency as monthly fees vs. the sunk cost of high-value owned hardware/ software deployment. While capital expenditure is definitely reduced with MSPs, their advantages go far beyond that in saving you money from day-to-day operational losses.

Various Ways MSPs Help Organizations Save Time & Money

  • Reduced Costs and Increased Profits

We have seen hundreds of clients benefit from reducing or doing away with full-time resources. The operational costs, on average, can be reduced by as much as half using the services of MSPs. You stand to gain faster problem resolution times and improved productivity with expert level skills from certified MSP personnel and in-depth industry know-how and domain knowledge. Also, you do not need to invest in space and infrastructure for in-house staff.

  • Maximizes Uptime

Let’s face it. No one likes unplanned downtime, especially when you have important deliveries in process and a sudden technical issue derails your entire schedule and staff morale. Even if your employees are really prompt to address the issue, their valuable time and energy get used up that could otherwise be used for the actual project. MSPs can help you avoid all that through round-the-clock proactive preventative maintenance and systems monitoring that enables them to detect anomalies and potential red flags before they become full-fledged problems.

  • Improves Operational Efficiency

A high churn rate in employees is an unappetizing reality of today’s workforce. Unfortunately, this also results in inefficient and cumbersome business processes that hamper productivity. Standardizing your business processes is crucial for ensuring stable, long-term productivity. MSPs follow standard processes and routines that can help you standardize your internal business processes for maximum efficiency.

  • Bring Unique Knowledge to the Table

This is a crucial factor for the growing trust and dependence on MSPs across businesses of all sizes. With MSPs, you are no longer limited to the skill sets of your few in-house members. MSPs have some of the most well-qualified, certified, and knowledgeable technical resources on their teams. They bring a vast array of industry-leading know-how to the table and the nearly priceless element of intuitive understanding and familiarity with your business’ unique problems as they have likely already seen similar problems with other businesses in your domain.

  • Boost your security

In today’s business environment, it’s nearly impossible to get by without professional industry-grade security. Beyond monitoring your network and alerting you of threats or anomalies in the system, MSPs also ensure that you are always on top of the latest security patches and remain compliant with regulations. MSPs will secure your data and save you from much larger expenditure in the future resulting from hacks or data breaches. Also, with an MSP’s commitment to security, there is very little chance of sabotage within the organization.

  • Scalability

The right MSP for your business will grow with you. They will be a perfect match between being situated locally enough for on-premise help to be available on time and still be large enough to grow at ease when your business expands. Plus, they will design your network to be inherently scalable, so it can keep up with rapid growth in traffic and data. They will also provide the right consultation through Virtual CIO.

  • Objective advice and help on any technical issues (including strategy)

We at Managed IT services Vermont, pride ourselves on providing the most objective and well-researched industry updates and advice at all times. We make a commitment to our clients to provide best and worst-case scenarios and always provide the most straight, fact-based answers we can find. We consistently adhere to industry-leading best practices and ensure that our clients follow the same.

  • Zero hardware/ software/ security investments required

If you don’t really have a full-fledged infrastructure set up yet for your company, we can help you minimize capital expenditure to near zero. We can supply you with the latest in the most relevant hardware, enterprise management software, management servers, workstations, backup solutions, and security (including virus, malware, and spyware protection).

  • Enabling unbridled focus on business

At IT Support Vermont, we believe this to be more of a money-maker than a saver. But the truth is that hiring an MSP can free up both the business owner and the current employees’ bandwidth to focus on larger problems that really matter – business and growth. Once they are free from the daily mundane chores of infrastructure upkeep and maintenance, your in-house employees are free to focus their energies on creative problem solving for businesses – enabling greater growth for themselves and the business.

TGVT: Your Managed IT Services Provider

We are the most premier name in Vermont IT Services. Our core focus is on improving your business’ cost efficiency by reducing overheads and improving work efficiency and productivity across the board. We perform a thorough audit of your organization’s unique needs and strengths and design an infrastructure system that leverages the existing systems while ‘trimming the fat’ from the rest of the network. We can offer you expert guidance on your current and future IT needs and how to get your infrastructure in shape to drive the business results you want to see.

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