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Webinar July 29, 2020 at 11:00 a.m.

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TOPIC:  Cyber Threats Healthcare Organizations Should Be Looking Out for in These Unprecedented Times

Join MSSP Vertek and The Tech Group to discuss:

  • How and why the Healthcare industry is being attacked.
  • Top cybersecurity trends for Healthcare providers and their supply chain.
  • Top risks and threats being caused by the pandemic.
  • Top Healthcare compliance concerns and realities.
  • Best practices for detecting, responding, reducing and eliminating threats and risk.
  • Resources for improving your security posture.

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Susan Fayette

Susan Fayette

Susan is the Director Of Marketing And Community Relations at The Tech Group, Inc. Susan brings years of proven results in community relations, logistics and sales. Susan past experience includes eight years at Vermont’s largest Chamber of Commerce developing money making programs, recruiting members and creating stellar member events. Susan has received national awards for her achievements in sales. From 2010 -2020 Susan ran her own non-profit management and events management company. She has worked with national industry leaders in education, pharmaceuticals, and corporations, sitting Governors, and local authorities as well as local industry leaders and high level executives.