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It is increasingly becoming mainstream for Internet users to make use of multiple browsers. There are many reasons behind this trend. With the remote work trend here to stay for the foreseeable future, users want the flexibility of compartmentalizing personal and work accounts while still retaining the ability to access them from anywhere. Just as an example, it’s very easy for users now to store all of your favorite personal websites (bookmarks) in one browser and work websites in another browser. This enables them to quickly check in on personal stuff during work while retaining access to all work stuff even while they are at home. This is especially true for people working in any sort of managerial capacity, as they may need to log into a team member’s account while still retaining the ability to remain logged into their own. This is only possible by using separate browsers. Also, despite the nearly seamless and identical capabilities of most browsers, many web applications just work more smoothly in one compared to another. Users leveraging multiple monitors also find it beneficial to use more than one browser. Using multiple browsers strategically can truly enhance productivity for users and help them save precious time. IT Support Vermont can help you keep all your browsers secure through timely web browser updates.

How does it work?

All web browsers have their unique identities, privacy features and ad-blocking capabilities. All the browsers that you use on your computer have their own settings, including cookies (login states), browser extensions, bookmarks, and history of all the sites you have visited in the past. All you need to do to run multiple browsers simultaneously is to add all the browsers you want to your taskbar. This allows each to get its own place and icon on the taskbar allowing you to effectively leverage personal and work accounts or other multiple accounts.

Browsers like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge even allow a feature called ‘profiles’ that essentially acts the same as multiple browsers without the need to use separate ones. You can set up multiple work and personal profiles depending on your requirements. The profile icon can be found at the top right corner of the browser window that lets you get to profile options and the ability to add new ones. Switching profiles can be even more seamless than switching browsers. You can distinguish separate browsers and profiles by selecting a different theme for each which can make it easy for the user to visually distinguish between browsers or profiles in a snap. Managed IT Services Vermont can help you sort through web browser comparisons and find the best ones for you.

Benefits of Using Multiple Web Browsers


Distinct Features

As already mentioned above, web browsers can differ in the features they offer. The best example of this is Google Chrome’s nifty ability to let users share bookmarks between multiple devices as long as they are all logged on to the same account. Firefox, on the other hand, is a privacy-focused browser that uses a variety of anti-tracking technologies that prevent websites from tracking your activities and block ads. Microsoft Edge offers enhanced accessibility features such as the option to ‘Read Aloud’ a page when requested. Apple’s Safari browser is also highly privacy-centric and uses highly effective strategies to block third-party tracking and prevents cookies from tracking users with targeted ads.

What you like matters

The choice of a browser is really personal. At the end of the day, users may choose to use a browser over others simply because they are more familiar and comfortable using it over others or value a particular feature it offers, such as enhanced privacy focus and distraction-free browsing with Firefox Focus. Your choice can also come down to the preference of a particular aesthetic and interface over another.

Count down on the potential of exposure to tracking

Cookies now have a negative connotation attached to them. But they serve an essential function in web browsers. These are used to track your activities on the internet – for functionality and not just for nefarious purposes. Unfortunately, the data stored by cookies can include everything from your search history, interests, physical location, and other information. Most companies want to leverage this information in order to specifically target you for advertising campaigns etc. The use of multiple web browsers can actually significantly cut down on this form of tracking by limiting the amount of information you share and actively blocking websites from collecting your information. You have better control over your privacy with multiple browsers.

Multiple browsers make deleting info easier

Erasing data when you have been using the same browser for a long time can be tricky. In fact, you may need to go down a proverbial rabbit hole and do it manually as you can’t just delete all data. Using multiple browsers can make info deletion comparatively easier as you have divided your activities between browsers which makes one click deletion easier.

Ireased Productivity

As content has exploded on the internet, the different ways in which we use and consume content have also increased in variety. These activities could include anything from social media scrolling, emailing, reading blogs, browsing Youtube and more. Using a single web browser for all activities can make it incredibly hard for you to find individual pieces of content as in when you need them. Multiple browsers can take the mess away by helping you stay organized and automatically improve your productivity. IT Consulting Vermont can help you with top web browsers 2021.

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